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Press Release

Creation, distribution and publication of press release and news on launches, events, new products and services. Promotion of blogs, news portals and RRSS.

We want to highlight the importance of distributing press releases for most growing companies.

Communication, both internal and external, is an essential element for the development and proper functioning of any company, whether it is a newly created company or a long-distance company. Every company must design and implement a communication plan that always takes into account public relations, an essential aspect in any communication strategy.

These make it possible to strengthen the links between the company and its different audiences and generate reputation through different tools, one of which is press releases.

Press release distribution service

The service of reliable press releases is a basic technique in the relations between companies and the media. Despite being a fairly conventional tool; we continue to play an essential role in the communication of start-ups, SMEs and large companies.

It is a written document that companies send to the media to inform them of news of interest to them; whether it is a new achievement, a product launch or news at the address. The main purpose of press releases is that their content is published in the media.

However, appearing in the media is not easy. A journalist receives between 100 and 400 press releases each week; of which 98% are discarded, meaning that sending a statement does not guarantee a space in the media.

Why are distribution press releases more important than ever?

Press release services have long changed, especially since companies understand the importance of online marketing. But to use a press release effectively, the focus of the press release and the strategies used are very important. These are some of the main reasons why press releases have become so important:

Announcing a new product or service

If you want to advertise a new product or service; you can write a press release and immediately see the news found on major search engines and social networks through a press release distribution service. This also allows you to target thousands of journalists.

Improve brand image on press release

Because it has become so easy to publish and distribute a press release, companies can easily send as many communications as they wish. Issuing more press releases more frequently is a good way to improve your brand image.

Images help increase interest

Press releases now include images, videos and other multimedia elements; which means you can deliver your messages and news in a more interesting way than ever before.

Our press release

Before online press releases became common, most press releases were sent only to journalists. If they were not considered noteworthy in the press, they lived in a folder; on someone’s desk, or in a building reception.

Now, an affordable press release service can be distributed to millions of people around the world instantly through e-mail and social networks. Companies like Stock Advertising receive your press releases to reach the most interesting and influential media in your sector; which optimizes your time.

Broaden Public Awareness

By adding links to other websites in a press release; companies can direct readers to more information about what they are doing.

We emphasize the importance of distributing press releases for most growing companies.

About Us

Cryptonimus offers an affordable press release service, including the service of writing, presenting and distributing professional press releases. We serve more than 500 clients worldwide, and 60% are regular clients. And we’ve helped most of our clients drive their online business successfully. We also offer distribution of white-label press releases to resellers and agents. Your press releases will not be published on our website; and our brand will not be mentioned in your press releases and report.

Cryptonimus, a trusted, professional press release distribution and social marketing solutions provider; we continue to expand our press release distribution services around the globe to help more companies increase their online presence and build a stronger relationship with media and customers. Our public relations distribution company has already won more than 10000 new sites in different sectors.

Partnertships for press release

As Cryptonimus acquires new partnerships to send public relations to media around the world; companies have had the opportunity to highlight their progress and achievements in press releases. Investors and clients of the brands will not only have access to the most up-to-date news about them; but will also make people aware of their success through their achievements.

As for the concerts offered by Cryptonimus for the distribution of news; we are part of one of the largest networks of blogs in different languages, Stock Advertising. Customers can take advantage of the various press release delivery features. With over 100 in-house media in different niches and sectors, companies can reach more media and customers.

Meanwhile, press release inclusion is being associated with popular sites around the world. There is no word limit, we advise up to 1000 words with 48-hour delivery of first reports. And press releases are compatible with different languages. Together with the expert editor’s advice, customers will receive a final report with URLs in Excel format; plus direct access to a spreadsheet where you can check the campaign’s progress on a daily basis.

Professional promotion service through a press release

Cryptonimus designed its press release presentation services in our network with permanent indexing. In such a situation, it is much easier for consumers, investors, journalists; and other interested parties to find customers’ press releases.

With Cryptonimus’ ongoing effort to deliver broader PR distribution solutions in the different areas we work in; more businesses can showcase their achievements, offerings and innovations.

Our services of distribution of reliable and first quality press releases, not only in Spain; but also in the five continents. We partner with the best media sites in each region to ensure that a wider audience can access the press releases you send.